Why you should hire a wedding stylist

So, the planning has started for your wedding day and whilst it is exciting, you may also feel overwhelmed
at the sheer amount of different options available to you and who to choose. This is especially true when it comes to decorating
your venue and you may be there asking yourself ‘What is a wedding stylist?’ and ‘How do they differ from a venue decor company?’
Truth be told there is a big difference in the level of service and so to help you make the best decision for you, I’ve written my top
5 reasons of the benefits of hiring a wedding stylist…



1) Brings your vision & theme to life!

Chances are like myself as soon as the question was popped, you jumped straight onto Pinterest scouting around for ideas! And why wouldn’t you?!
It’s an amazing search engine for anything wedding related and can give you so much inspiration. BUT! That can be a problem in itself!
When you have pinned that many items that you love, how do you choose what to do and how to make everything work well with each other?


You might even have pinned different styles of wedding on your board and are totally unsure which way to go. This is where I can help! I can look at
all of your ideas and during our FREE consultation, will ask you questions to determine what it is you envisage for your wedding day.
As a stylist, I will also make sure your wedding is as unique as you are, with bespoke items, fine details and personal touches to
reflect you as a couple, rather then the generic decor that most decor companies have on hire.



2) Works within your budget! 

It’s easy to get over excited with planning your wedding and also the grand ideas of what you see on Pinterest, but it’s also easy to forget
or not realise that these may also come with a hefty price tag. A good stylist will help you bring together the key
elements of your design aestheic, whilst working within different budgets.




3) The time factor

You’ve probably realised that there is a lot more to consider for your wedding day then you originally thought. From sourcing the venue and choosing
the ideal band or DJ, to bridesmaid dresses; the cake and wedding favours – the list is never ending! You may not have the time to dress your venue or just feel
that the only thing that you want to do on the morning of your wedding is chill with your wedding party, rather than setting up your wedding decor.
And who could blame you! I was the DIY bride making a lot of decorations for our day and whilst I loved it, I’d of much rather have been chilling with
my girls the night before and morning of our wedding rather then getting everything set up!


You’re only going to get married once (well hopefully!) so you want to be chilling with your besties and being pampered on your wedding morning and not
rushing around. This is something to consider if your hire a venue decor hire company, as normally you have to collect the items for your dream day and then will
have to set everything up yourself. Yes it may be cheaper, but you will have to think about the transportation for everything you require, and ask yourself
‘Do you have a big enough car?’ If you don’t it’s the cost of van hire to transport everything there and then there’s also the issue of what time you can actually
get into the venue to decorate! Once again it’s back to the factor of your time – I’m sure there are plenty of other things you’d like to be doing!



4) Looks at the bigger picture

A wedding stylist will consider EVERYTHING when it comes to your wedding, from the type of venue you’ve chosen; the lighting; the size of the rooms and tables;
to even the carpet and wallpaper on the walls! All of these work hand in hand together when making styling choices and they can determine what you choose.


For eg: a typical blank canvas venue with plain walls and no carpet such as a barn or an industrial warehouse, will lend itself more freely to different
style choices than a country house with extragavent wallpaper and prominent decor features. A stylist will consider all of these different aspects whilst
working on your visual moodboard and still keep in mind your wedding theme and colour palette. Again this differs from a hire company,
who hire out general set packages and items which may not work with your venues decor.




5) Tried & tested suppliers

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to make sure that suppliers are reliable to make the whole day run smootly without a hitch.
But again who do you choose? Who can you trust for the most important day of your life? Again this is where I can help. I’ve worked with tried & tested
suppliers who I rely on, making me confident that you can rely on them too! As your stylist I am also the person who will coordinate with these other suppliers
such as furniture hire and lighting, giving you more time to focus on the fun aspects of your wedding!


Apart from the points above, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a wedding stylist, is to choose somebody that ‘gets’ you.
You want someone who will have the same level of excitement when it comes to your wedding vision and is prepared to pull out
all the stops to make your wedding day as unique as you are!